Custom Filter Manufacturing

At Fab-Tex, we focus on the filter.

  • Fab-Tex specializes in manufacturing custom non-standard filters, so when your operation requires a filter better than ‘off the shelf’, talk to us.
  • Our technical team works with customers to collaborate and create critical application filters for specialty applications.


  • We specialize in creating the most efficient filter for your environment. This ranges from using Polyester and Cellulose-based media to highly specialized media for precision performance.
  • For food or pharmaceutical industries where contamination is a concern, we manufacture filters with food-grade epoxies and FDA approved gaskets.
  • Filters can be manufactured in many non-standard sizes, ranging from 4″ to 24″ in outside diameter and up to 80″ in length.
  • In addition, we help equipment manufacturers with the design of filters for new equipment. Sizing, air-to-cloth ratios and all other technical aspects of filtration can be modified to meet your requirements. You can count on Fab-Tex to build you a better filter for your unique application.

Extend the filtration of capabilities of your dust containment and air pollution control equipment with Fab-Tex. Contact us about our custom manufacturing services and innovative new media.