Industrial air filters are an integral component of operations within the powder coating industry. To ensure efficient filtration in an industry defined by electrostatic loaded particles, non-conductive filters are necessary equipment.

Filter Cartridges for Powder Recovery

Often used as pre-filters, filter cartridges boast remarkable powder recovery capabilities. Rather than trapping dust inside filter media, causing filters to clog and become less efficient, dust instead accumulates on the surface. The cartridge system then pulse cleans excess dust off the filter with compressed gas to reclaim it.

Cartridge Filters for Dust Collection in Powder Coating

Fab-Tex is a leading manufacturer of replacement and OEM dust collector filter cartridges, pleated filter elements, and dust collector filter bags. Explore our line of  Industrial Grade Filter Cartridges here.

Filter Media for Powder Coating

Fab-Tex offers industry professionals a comprehensive selection of filter elements and media tailored to the unique needs of powder coating applications. The most commonly used media for powder cartridges are:

Cellulose Blend Filters

Cellulose blend filters are comprised of 80% paper and 20% polyester fibers.

These filters are disposable and cost-effective.

Dust is collected in the filter pleats, and when the filter surface is blinded the filters are replaced.

Spunbond Polyester

Spunbond Polyester filters are among the most popular media for powder coating and reclaiming dust.

Polyester filters are much more durable and have longer life spans. Although they have a higher price point, polyester filters are cleanable by compressed air. They can be cleaned up to 5 times, making them a cost-effective solution in applications where the dust is not toxic and can be blown out of the filter pleats.

Learn more about Fab-Tex’s cartridge filter media options here.

We specialize in creating the most efficient filter for your environment. This ranges from using polyester and cellulose-based media to highly specialized media for precision performance.

Media Coatings for Powder Coating

Fab-Tex offers a range of media coatings in addition to media for air filters. 

Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Membrane (surface)

A PTFE membrane is a coating that is permanently bonded to the base media to increase filtering capabilities.

This type of upgraded filter media increases the filter’s ability to capture the tiniest of particles. It boasts nearly 99.95% efficiency on dust particles at .33 micron in size.

The PTFE membrane acts like a Teflon coating on the media to increase dust release, inhibiting particles from penetrating the substrate. This results in better cleaning, fewer change-outs, and saving on replacement costs in the long run.


Nanofiber filters are the perfect solution for powder coating applications, with their incredibly high MERV rating of 15.

Due to their remarkable filtration capabilities and long lifespan, nanofibers help ensure optimal performance even in extreme conditions – as long as it is kept away from water or excessive moisture.

We’re a Proven Powder Coating Booth Filter Manufacturer

Fab-Tex works closely with innovative media partners who specialize in bringing the newest and most technologically advanced specialized finishes to the filtration media market. We can solve complex filtration problems for challenging applications with our innovative filtration solutions.

Talk to a Fab-Tex Filter Expert about the most effective filter elements and media for your powder coating equipment today!