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What is Industrial Air Filtration?

Air filters are essential components in industrial settings. They remove particulates and contaminants that accumulate during operations. Air filters consist of a securely sealed casing that contains filter media.

By investing in and maintaining an air filtration system, businesses can protect their process equipment, improve performance, reduce downtime, and contribute to improved employee well-being.

To ensure optimal performance, keep track of filter life cycles and conduct changeouts accordingly. Operations that produce large volumes of dust, or involve individuals with specific health needs, may require more frequent maintenance.

Enhance Your Manufacturing Process with Industrial Air Filtration

Filtration is crucial for various purposes in industrial settings:

Improve Productivity Industrial filtration helps maintain efficient operation of industrial equipment. In addition, it plays a vital role in combating severe air pollution, resulting in greater productivity and output.
Protect Your Equipment and Save on Costs Businesses can save money by using filters to extend the lifespan of equipment, lower energy costs, and prevent expensive accidents. Contaminants produced during the manufacturing process can cause significant damage to equipment, and filters may be the only defense against such damage.

Improve Safety By trapping and containing harmful particles, industrial filtration prevents their entry into the work environment, significantly reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

Ensure Product Quality Maintaining clean and uncontaminated air preserves the purity of process outputs. The quality of final products hinges on clean and pure outputs, as slight fluctuations in contaminant levels can render products unusable. thorough and quantifiable air filtration helps maintain a high level of product consistency and quality.

Provide Powder Reclamation As sustainability becomes an integral part of every production, reducing waste and making the most of resources is all the more important. Effective powder reclamation systems are able to recover and separate excess powder, eliminating the need for waste disposal. This not only reduces expenses, but also maximizes material usage, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Industrial Grade Air Filters and Media

Fab-Tex offers many different options for industrial air filters, media, and elements to help in meeting standards and providing a clean and functioning environment:

  • Cartridge Filtration
    Cartridge filters use pleated filter media that effectively capture tiny foreign particles from the air within their folds. These filters can be pulsed to clean the particles out from the media after capture and reused until filtration qualities decrease and the filters need to be replaced. Our filters are the ideal solution for managing dry materials that can pose challenges in breathing and disposal.
  • HEPA Filters
    HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate) filters are rigorously tested to ensure a minimum efficiency of 99.97% on particles as small as 0.3 microns. Explore a wide selection of filters using the progressively dense fiber arrays that HEPA media offers to effectively trap chemicals and fumes created by processes. Using HEPA media ensures you are providing the cleanest, safest air possible in filters, and that they’re easy to replace when necessary.
  • PTFE Membrane
    PTFE is a microporous ‘skin’ applied to a base polyester filter media, providing extremely high filtration efficiencies. This non-stick Teflon surface coating provides the added benefit of having excellent dust release capabilities, improving the reclamation of valuable dust. Discover the exceptional quality of Fab-Tex’s filter media, including the highly effective PTFE membrane.

For high-quality standard and custom fit filters at competitive prices, check out the Fab-Tex catalogue!

Custom Fab-Tex Air Filtration Solutions

When it comes to replacement cartridge filters, effectiveness is key. Filters need to meet the specifications of your dust collection system and the demands of your application. Our team of specialists can provide you with the right dimensions and the right air filter media.

From industrial filters and media to coatings and accessories, Fab-Tex offers solutions for all industrial air filtration needs. Our range of customizable filters are sure to suit your specific machinery and applications.

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