As the automotive industry continues to expand rapidly, stricter safety standards are being implemented, particularly in regards to air filtration. An effective automotive air filtration solution is imperative for protecting workers and upholding product quality. For over 25 years Fab-Tex has been partnering with numerous industry leaders to provide the best solutions to their company’s air filtration needs.

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Heavy Duty Air Filters, Elements, and Media

Fab-Tex offers a complete line of superior quality replacement and custom air filters, media, and accessories designed to suit industrial vehicle and fleet needs.

Vacuum Truck Air Filters

Fab-Tex is an OEM filter supplier for many large, high-performing vacuum truck manufacturers. We also value and support equipment end users by providing the best quality vacuum truck replacement products available on the market from a single vendor.

Heavy Duty Air Filter Bags

Keeping an extra set of filter bags on hand for each truck could save you thousands. Fab-Tex offers many different bag media options with coatings and finishes that can enhance cleaning and prolong bag service life. All filter bags are carefully fabricated and sized to ensure easy installation and change-outs.

Pleated Air Filters

Enjoy higher flow rates, longer life, and reduced maintenance costs with pleated filters over traditional filter bags. Fab-Tex can provide direct replacements for existing configurations and  offer technical expertise to convert current bag filters to PFEs.

Blower/Air Intake Filters

Fab-Tex offers a complete range of high-efficiency air intake filters to protect industrial blowers, air compressors, diesel- or gas-fired industrial engines and turbines. We can suit a number of air intake filtration requirements; contact us for more information.

Filter Cages and Accessories

Whether you need to replace a whole filtration set or just a few cages, Fab-Tex can help.

Our filter cages provide support to filter bags for improved air filter efficiency. Choose from a selection of circular, oval, or flat-panel cages, with various length and circumference options.

Filter Media

Fab-Tex Air Filtration uses the highest quality filter media sourced exclusively from trusted suppliers in North America. Our media undergoes rigorous testing and verification to ensure optimum performance.

Discover a vast selection of standard and custom-sized filters to meet your unique needs in our catalogue.

Air Filtration For Travel And Transportation

From vehicle manufacturing facilities to heavy duty vehicles and vacuum trucks, Fab-Tex offers the most reliable air filtration solutions.

Vacuum Trucks

Without clean, effective filters, trucks compensate by running harder and chugging fuel to maintain the same vacuum. We provide air filters that keep small particles from reaching blowers and eroding lobes.

Vacuum truck filters must endure rugged operating conditions, making their design crucial for optimal performance. They effectively eliminate dust and particles from the air that flows through the debris collection area.

Commercial/Heavy Trucks

We understand the importance of clean air for the engines in your fleet. We offer a wide selection of high-quality filters specifically designed for modern heavy-duty trucks.

Mass Transportation

Experience long-lasting durability with Fab-Tex replacement filters. Discover our extensive and exclusive range of air filters and solutions designed specifically for trucks and fleets.

Vehicle Manufacturing Plants

Protect your process, products, and operators. Upgrade to high-quality air filters from Fab-Tex specifically designed for automotive and other vehicle manufacturing processes.

Plan ahead! Invest in high-quality filters from Fab-Tex and eliminate expensive shutdowns, last-minute replacements, and excessive shipping fees. Speak to an expert to find the perfect filter that protects your engine and ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Custom Air Filters for Industrial Vehicles & Heavy Equipment

Trust Fab-Tex to provide the right solution for your industry’s specific needs.

Fab-Tex has been manufacturing quality air filtration products since 1995. From choosing suitable medias and materials for every component, ensuring the right fit and seal, to testing efficiency rating (MERV – Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) on our media, we quality check every step of the way to ensure that if you use a Fab-Tex filter, you use the very best!

Maximize the filtration capabilities of your dust containment and air pollution control equipment with Fab-Tex. Contact us about our custom manufacturing services and innovative  media.

Explore Fab-Tex Air Filter Solutions

We’re dedicated to offering reliable air filter solutions to clients across a wide range of industries. Our high quality air filters, media, and accessories are ideal for commercial and industrial facilities, including:

Industrial Air Filter Manufacturers

Since its inception in 1995, Fab-Tex Filtration has built an impressive reputation as a significant industry leader in filtration manufacturing in North America. For over two decades, we’ve been proudly providing the best air filters on the market to various professional entities – from small businesses to large corporate environments.

Find the air filter solution tailored to your manufacturing operation – talk to one of our air filter experts today!