Fab-Tex is dedicated to offering reliable air filter solutions to clients across a wide range of industries and industrial applications. Maintain a contaminant-free environment in your workplace with our complete line of superior quality replacement and custom air filters, media, and accessories. Our high-quality air filters are ideal for commercial and industrial facilities.

We offer a comprehensive selection of filter elements and media tailored to the unique applications of the hardest-working industries.



Do you manage a woodworking shop? Your work environment absolutely needs to stay clean, as even the tiniest particles can be harmful if inhaled. Breathe easy with proper air filtration built to suit your woodworking facility needs. Learn more about how Fab-Tex tandem pleat technology helps with dust collection.

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Powder Coating

In an industry defined by electrostatic-loaded particles, Fab-Tex ensures efficient filtration. Explore our non-conductive filters, often used as pre-filters in powder coating applications. We can assist in the design of filter cartridges that will offer enhanced powder recovery capabilities.

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Without proper air filtration, harmful contaminants can compromise the entire pharmaceutical process. Fab-Tex industrial air filters help maintain a pure, contaminant-free environment. Our products also help capture and retain valuable particulates for reuse in many key pharmaceutical applications.

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Critical Food Applications

Don’t let the risk of food contamination and illness loom over your manufacturing process. Industrial filters from Fab-Tex provide support throughout the process helping to improve indoor air quality, prevent the risk of contamination, and improve powder reclamation.

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Industrial Vehicles

From vehicle manufacturing facilities to heavy duty vehicles and vacuum trucks, Fab-Tex offers the most reliable air filtration solutions on the market. Discover effective, long-lasting solutions for your automotive facility.

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Air Pollution

Industrial air filters from Fab-Tex are designed to maximize operational safety and efficiency, while helping with valuable dust reclamation.

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Paint Booths

Filtration plays a vital role in shielding workers from inhaling various particulates and airborne contaminants present in a paint booth during the painting process. Fab-Tex filters help to prevent the release of paint particles into the surrounding atmosphere.

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Overexposure to welding fumes can cause a wide range of health problems. Effectively capturing dust and fumes produced during welding can be a challenge. For custom solutions to tough challenges Fab-Tex is here to help.

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Industrial Air Filter Manufacturers

Fab-Tex Filtration has been a leader in filtration manufacturing in North America since 1995. With a legacy of manufacturing quality air filtration products, Fab-Tex ensures every component is carefully chosen, tested for efficiency, and crafted for the perfect fit and seal. Whether you run a small welding business or a large enterprise, Fab-Tex can supply custom air filters to meet any operation’s needs.

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