Help Sustain Air Quality Standards in Your Welding Shop

A welding shop can prove to be a dynamic, unpredictable environment, where indoor air quality can go from manageable to hazardous in the blink of an eye. Contaminants like fumes, smoke, and vapours can enter breathing zones unexpectedly, posing risks to the well-being and productivity of all shop workers. The right industrial air filters from Fab-Tex prevents these environments from accumulating, creating a safer and more efficient welding shop.

Uncontrolled Welding Fumes Make for a Risky Business

Between the high heat generated, the gases being used, and the metals being worked on, welding is an intense process leading to equally intense byproducts. Chemical and heavy metal particles develop into toxic fumes affecting everything in your welding shop. Equipment like cooling fans and CNC machinery experience wear and tear, dramatically shortening their lifespans. More importantly, workers who are exposed to these fumes can experience long-term damage to their nervous and respiratory systems. Additionally, a dusty welding shop is a virtual powder keg, as sparks from welding can ignite the air itself!

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Get Your Shop Hazards Under Control

Welders need an environment as free of dangerous fumes and gases as possible, which is where industrial air filters come in. Source capture ventilation devices, such as portable fume extractors, must be placed in workspaces to draw these hazardous elements away from the workers’ breathing zones. For applications such as welding stainless steel, the source capture equipment is required to be equipped with high-efficiency filter cartridges. Fab-Tex manufactures a number of suitable air filters, and recommends MERV-15 Nanofiber FR-rated filters for such applications.

Making sure your welding shop has the proper high-efficiency air filtration system ensures it’s compliant as well as safe. OSHA employs strict standards on industries that can potentially expose workers to toxic gases, such as chromium-6, a.k.a. Hexavalent chromium, an extremely hazardous byproduct of welding stainless steel, among other materials.

Fab-Tex Has the High-Efficiency Industrial Air Filters you need for Fume and Dust Control

Fab-Tex offers a broad range of stock and replacement filters, media, and accessories for a wide range of applications across dry dust extraction to welding fumes with ultrafine hazardous particles.

Filter Cartridges

We manufacture a comprehensive range of cartridge filters specifically designed for welding shop dust collection and air pollution control systems. These robust and reliable filters are engineered to perform in the harshest welding environments.

Filter Bags

We offer a line of superior-quality replacement and custom filter bags tailored for welding shop dust collector bag housings. These filter bags are carefully fabricated and sized for easy installation and changeouts, in a variety of media options with coatings and finishes to suit your needs.

Pleated Filters

Optimize your welding shop’s air filtration with pleated filters from Fab-Tex. Experience higher flow rates, extended filter life, and reduced maintenance costs. We can provide direct replacements for your existing configuration or help you transition from bag filters to a PFE system.

Advanced Tandem Pleat Technology

Our innovative tandem pleat technology eliminates dead spots and enhances airflow in your welding shop’s air filtration system.

80/20 Cell/Poly Nanofiber FR – Merv 15

We highly recommend this technology to boost efficiency and inhibit combustibility. Nanofiber media offers high filtration capabilities on sub-micron particulate for most dry, fine dust, while ultra-fine fibers capture dust particles on the surface of the media for easy cleaning.

Choosing Air Filters for Welding Fume Extraction Systems

The filtration process with filter cartridges is simple and effective. Contaminated air is drawn into the extraction device passing through specially designed filters. These filters are made of high-quality materials like nanofiber composite nonwoven or polyester nonwoven with an ePTFE membrane. As the air flows through the filters, any pollutants are trapped on the outside of the filter, and clean air circulates back into the workshop.

While most filter cartridges can be cleaned either automatically or manually, alternatives like HEPA filters and depth loading filter cartridges need to be replaced regularly, and are often referred to as disposable filters. When dealing with high levels of dust, we highly recommend using devices and systems with filters that can be cleaned automatically.

Explore Fab-Tex Air Filter Solutions for Your Welding Shop

Fab-Tex offers reliable air filter solutions to welding operations across many industries. Here are just a few:

Fab-Tex Filtration has been a leader in the North American filtration manufacturing industry since 1995. With a legacy of manufacturing quality air filtration products, Fab-Tex ensures every component is carefully chosen, tested for efficiency and crafted for the perfect fit and seal. Whether you run a small welding business or a large enterprise, Fab-Tex can supply custom air filters to meet any operations’ diverse needs.

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Welding Shop Air Filtration FAQ

1. Why is air filtration important in a welding shop?

In welding shops, various harmful particles, fumes, and contaminants are generated during welding processes. Proper air filtration ensures worker safety and productivity in welding shops. Our industrial air filters effectively prevent contaminants like fumes, smoke, and vapors from compromising air quality, resulting in fewer accidents and production problems, leading to an overall safer environment.

2. How do Fab-Tex industrial air filters enhance safety in welding shops?

Fab-Tex filters are designed to maximize operational safety by efficiently capturing and filtering out harmful particles and fumes. The robust construction and advanced technologies, such as our Tandem Pleat technology, ensure reliable performance in the challenging conditions present in welding environments.

3. Can Fab-Tex provide custom air filters for specific welding shop needs?

Yes! Fab-Tex excels in custom air filtration solutions. Our experienced team will work with you to design and manufacture filters tailored to the unique requirements of your welding shop. Visit our custom filter manufacturing section to learn more.