If you work with wood, then you know how dust is a common byproduct of your work. You need proper filtration to help keep air clean and your workplace safe. Air filtration is essential for maintaining a healthy work environment. Without it, even the finest particles can escape, making breathing difficult and causing health hazards.

Air Filter Elements & Media for Dust Collection

Fab-Tex offers a complete line of superior quality replacement and custom air filters, media and accessories designed to suit your woodworking facility needs.

Filter Cartridges

Take advantage of our catalogue of over 6000 unique part numbers to quickly cross-reference the dimensions of your existing filter with Fab-Tex products.

Filter Bags

Explore high-performance filter bags for Pulse Jet (top and bottom load), Shaker, and Reverse Air collectors in a variety of materials and finishes for your specific application.

Pleated Filter Elements

Fab-Tex Filtration supplies a comprehensive line of quality manufactured pleated filter elements.

Filters are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your industrial requirements.

Protect Your Shop with Woodworking Filter Media

If you want complete filtration, be sure to use an exceptional filter media of the right quantity and surface area. Industrial hygienists have a term for the smallest of airborne particles: the PM10 range. To filter these out with near 100% accuracy, take advantage of Fab-Tex’s advanced air filtration technology!

Dust Collection Made Easy with Fab-Tex Tandem Pleat Construction

Fab-Tex tandem pleat construction combines plastic mesh pleats in conjunction with standard filter media. Tandem pleated filters optimize airflow by supporting the entire pleat depth to prevent collapsing pleats while still effectively collecting dust.

Are you ready to upgrade to tandem pleat technology? Chat with a filter expert today!

Not only does this innovative new technology provide an effective dust-cleaning regime, it also helps reduce energy costs and compressed air usage.

At Fab-Tex, We Make Filters. Better

We’ve been manufacturing quality air filtration products since 1995. We choose suitable media and materials for every component, ensure the right fit and seal, and test efficiency rating (MERV – (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) on our media. We quality check every step of the way to ensure that if you use a Fab-Tex Filter, you’re using the best!

Fab-Tex Filtration has built a reputation as an industry leader in filtration manufacturing in North America.

Dust collection in your workshop can’t be overlooked. Protect your shop air by ensuring complete filtration of all airborne particulates with Fab-Tex filters and media!

Are you still on the lookout for a missing part number?

Give us a call and we’ll create a custom built filter for you.