Fab-Tex provides customized industrial air filter solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. As medical technology keeps advancing, so does Fab-Tex. For over 25 years we continue to be a trusted industrial air filtration partner in industry.  We work to develop products that ensure cleaner air, offering workers safe, healthy environments. Opportunities also exist to capitalize on pharmaceutical dust reclamation applications through ensuring proper filter media selections.

The Role of Air Filtration in Minimizing Health Risks

To ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products, the pharmaceutical industry requires strict air purity levels. The health and safety of workers and patients alike rely on it. Implementing proper air filtration leads to safe and high-quality products, while also reducing liability.

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Without proper air filtration, harmful contaminants can compromise the entire pharmaceutical process. Trust Fab-Tex to provide you with the best air filtration products, backed by our industry experience.

Air Filters and Media for Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Fab-Tex offers several options for industrial air filters, media, and elements to help meet environmental standards and provide a clean and functioning manufacturing environment:

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters, are rigorously tested to ensure a minimum efficiency of 99.97% on particles as small as 0.3 microns. Explore a wide selection of filters which utilize these progressively denser fiber arrays designed to trap chemicals to ensure clean, breathable air with filters that are easy to replace every few months!

Cartridge Filtration

Cartridge filters utilize either depth filtration or surface filtration. Pleated medias effectively capture tiny foreign particles from the air. Polyester-based media captures particles on the surface of the media so they can be pulsed off and cleaned, whereas paper-based media captures particles into the depths of the pleated media until they are blinded by dust and need to be changed. We supply filters that are ideal for managing different types of dust and dry materials that can pose challenges in disposal.

PTFE Membrane

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a microporous ‘skin’ that is applied to the surface of polyester filter media to provide extremely high filtration efficiencies. Unique properties of PTFE include nonreactivity, hydrophobicity, and a low coefficient of friction. This ‘non-stick’ surface offers the added benefit of increasing dust release capabilities to improve reclamation of valuable pharmaceutical dust. Discover the exceptional quality of Fab-Tex’s filter media, including our highly effective MERV 16-18 rated PTFE membrane.

Selecting Proper Media for Powder Reclamation

Fab-Tex air filters help capture and retain valuable particulate for reuse in certain applications.

Cellulose media and cellulose/polyester blended media

Air filter cartridges, made from cellulose media and cellulose/polyester blends, offer versatility and low initial cost.

100% Spunbonded Polyester

For powder coating reclamation applications, our 100% spunbonded polyester cartridges provide superior release capabilities, reducing operating costs by minimizing stuck coating material.

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Food-Grade Pharmaceutical Air Filtration

For pharmaceutical industries where contamination is a concern, Fab-Tex manufactures filters utilizing food-grade epoxies and FDA approved gasketing materials to ensure compliance and quality expectations in this unique industry. Fab-Tex remains a top choice for filters with a reputation for exceptional product quality. Experience quality assurance you can trust.

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Industrial Air Filter Manufacturers

Since 1995, Fab-Tex Filtration has built a reputation as an industry leader in filtration manufacturing in North America. For nearly three decades, we’ve been proudly providing the best air filter products in the market to various professional entities – from small businesses to large corporations, hospitals and research facilities alike. Where there is dust, you can count on Fab-Tex.

Custom Fab-Tex Air Filtration Solutions

Fab-Tex works closely with innovative media partners who specialize in bringing the newest, most technologically advanced, and most highly specialized finishes to the filtration media market. We can solve complex filtration problems for the most challenging applications.

Ensure common air pollutants and dust are captured, while maintaining product integrity and safety across your pharmaceutical operations with Fab-Tex Air Filtration solutions.

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