Pleated Air Filter ElementsPleated cartridge media help increase filter surface area and hold larger amounts of sediment. Fab-Tex Filtration supplies a comprehensive line of quality manufactured Pleated Filter Elements. Filters are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any industrial requirements.

Pleated Air Filter Advantages

The advantages of pleated air filters over traditional filter bags include longer filter life amongst others: 

  • Pleated filter elements increase filter area by 200-300% where space limitations exist 
  • Improved filtration efficiency on sub-micron particulates – over 99.9% on .2 to 2 microns. 
  • Molded end filters make installations quicker and easier than traditional bag and cage changeovers.

Replacement Pleated Filter Elements

Fab-Tex quotes on direct replacements for existing configurations or offer technical expertise to convert current bag filters over to PFE’s. Speak to a filter expert today!

What Material Are Pleated Filters Made Of?

Pleated media are comprised of folded layers, increasing surface area to capture particles of different sizes. Media generally are made from a range of pliable materials including polyester, cotton and paper.  Fab-Tex offers a number of different media options:

The most common end configurations are pictured below with the ability to customize pleat counts and finishes within to ensure you are receiving the best dust collecting outcome from your current system.

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Fab-Tex supplies a full range of high capacity pleated bag filters. Contact us to find out about further performance enhancements and options for industrial applications when using Fab-Tex pleated air filters.