Vacuum Truck Filters and CagesFab-Tex Filtration has emerged as the premier resource for superior quality vacuum truck blower filters, filter bags and cages in North America.

We are your one-stop shop for Vacuum Truck replacement filter products.

We are proud to be the OEM filter supplier for many large, high-performing vacuum truck manufacturers. We also value and support equipment end users by demonstrating our ability to provide the best quality vacuum truck replacement products available on the market all from a single vendor.

  • Vacuum Truck Filter Bags

    “Super Seal” snap band tops for vacuum truck bagsEach of our Vacuum truck bags come with “Super Seal” snap band tops (see picture). This allows for a leak-proof seal, even under the highest pressure conditions.

    The “Super Seal” also prevents bag and cage assemblies from falling into the tank. Stock sizes are 4.7” diameter by 50” long, 60” long and 68” long. In addition to the stock sizes, a wide range of standard and custom sizes are also available.

    All of our bags are available in acrylic-coated or standard polyester felt with options available to use PTFE (Teflon) membrane coated media for hazardous dust applications where near-zero emissions are required.


    Item #Item NameWeightDiameterLength
    VB50-1Polyester Singed16 oz/yd²4.7 “50 “
    VB50-2Acrylic Coated Polyester16 oz/yd²4.7 “50 “
    VB50-3Polyester with PTFE Membrane16 oz/yd²4.7 “50 “
    VB50-4Nomex Singed16 oz/yd²4.7 “50 “
    VB60-1Polyester Singed16 oz/yd²4.7 “60 “
    VB60-2Acrylic Coated Polyester16 oz/yd²4.7 “60 “
    VB60-3Polyester with PTFE Membrane16 oz/yd²4.7 “60 “
    VB60-4Nomex Singed16 oz/yd²4.7 “60 “
    VB68-1Polyester Singed16 oz/yd²4.7 “68 “
    VB68-2Acrylic Coated Polyester16 oz/yd²4.7 “68 “
    VB68-3Polyester with PTFE Membrane16 oz/yd²4.7 “68 “
    VB68-4Nomex Singed16 oz/yd²4.7 “68 “
    VB68-5Monofilament (Wet Bags)16 oz/yd²4.7 “68 “

    Don’t see the filter bag size you are looking for? Contact us for non-standard bag configurations.

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  • Filter Bag Cages

    vacuum truck filter cageStainless steel and chrome plated options are also available for specific applications.

    Stock sizes are 4.5” diameter and available lengths are 50”, 60” and 68” long. Whether you need to replace a whole set or just a few cages, we can help.

    Item #DiameterLengthCoating
    VC-364.5 “36 “Epoxy-coated Steel
    VC-424.5 “42 “Epoxy-coated Steel
    VC-504.5 “50 “Epoxy-coated Steel
    VC-604.5 “60 “Epoxy-coated Steel
    VC-684.5 “68 “Epoxy-coated Steel

    Don’t see the filter cage size you are looking for? Contact us for non-standard cage configurations.

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  • Air Intake Filters

    Replacement air intake filters for vacuum truck manufacturers' equipment systems

    Fab-Tex offers replacement air intake filters for most major Vacuum truck manufacturers’ equipment systems.

    We know that the filters play a critical role in protecting the blower from damaging foreign materials. Our elements are specifically engineered to remove atmospheric dust which can reduce the vacuum pressure required, resulting in less energy and fuel required for efficient operation. Our elements provide maximum air flow while still offering high-efficiency particle retention for .3 to 200-micron dust.

    Our most common Vacuum Truck size configurations are itemized below or click here to enter our full cross reference catalog of Blower/Air Intake filters available. Even if you don’t see your correct sizing, give us a call, there are an unlimited amount of configurations available to choose from.

    Air Intake Filters Catalog