Air filters play a critical role in high powered systems filtering contaminants out from air, thereby preventing clogging and unnecessary vehicle damage.

Fab-Tex offers a complete range of high-efficiency air intake filters to protect industrial blowers, air compressors, diesel- or gas-fired Industrial engines and turbines, or any other air intake filtration requirement.

Replacement Air Intake Filters

We are North America’s source for replacement air intake filter elements. Fab-Tex Filtration supplies an ever-expanding line of replacement air filter elements for most OEM equipment.

SMI Solberg, Dollinger, Consler, Endustra, Gardner-Denver, Shawndra Sparks, Sunshine, IFM, or Universal, are some of the many air intake filter replacements built by Fab-Tex to OEM specifications or better. You can trust that Fab-Tex will provide you with an excellent fit filter that will exceed your expectations.

Industrial Air Intake Elements/ Blower Filters

With their heavy-duty construction, combined with rugged 10 micron high efficiency felt medias, our intake Air Intake Elements/Blower Filtersfilters are built to withstand the pressure of your high powered vacuum system. Polyester felt media is pleated between 2 layers of epoxy coated wire mesh to prevent pleat collapse under high pressures as well as ensuring a consistent air flow is maintained.

The core and media are then sealed at both ends with a thick urethane compound and built-in sealing lips. Our standard elements are constructed with carbon steel, but we also offer stainless steel options for specific applications where moisture or somewhat corrosive applications may be present.

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Sewn End Filter Elements

Sewn End Filter ElementsSewn end elements offer heavy-duty construction utilizing 16 gauge perforated metal inner cores. Filter media is sewn over the pleated wire assembly and thick felt gaskets are attached with adhesive or sewn on both ends. These elements are cleanable and can be factory reconditioned.

Options available include Backwash screens, fine spacers and alternate metals and medias depending on your application.

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How Fab-Tex Air Intake Filters Make A Difference

Air intake filters are carefully engineered to meet and exceed all OEM specifications. All 10 micron felt elements provide excellent permeability from 120-150 CFM per ½” w.g. They provide maximum air flow, while still offering high-efficiency dust retention from 0.3 microns to 200 Microns depending on media choice. They can handle air volumes from 100 to 6,000+ CFM.

Air intake filters are constructed in hundreds of size configurations. With molded urethane ends for sealing and our standard 10-micron Polyester felt, you can count on these rugged filters to handle your toughest jobs. Air intake filter elements are also available in paper and other micron rated polyester felts for unique applications.

Custom Air Intake Filter Solutions

Fab-Tex also provides unusual and custom size filters for non-standard applications. All of our filter elements are specifically designed to remove atmospheric dust from the air intake for engines, fan & blower inlets, compressors and turbines.

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