Improving Indoor Air Quality with Industrial Air Filters

The air circulating throughout commercial buildings can be more polluted than the air outside. Business owners assume running an HVAC system will keep occupants safe from harmful particles and fumes; this is unfortunately a myth. To properly safeguard a building’s air quality, building managers must prioritize regular HVAC maintenance and upgrade to higher MERV rated filters as soon as possible.

Industrial air filters from Fab-Tex are designed to maximize operational safety and efficiency, while helping with dust reclamation. Talk to a Fab-Tex expert about upgrading your filters today!

Discover Air Pollution Control Products from Fab-Tex Filtration

Filter Cartridges

Fab-Tex Filtration manufactures a complete range of cartridge filters for dust collection and air pollution control systems. Our filters are robust and reliable enough to withstand the harshest environments you can throw at them.

Filter Bags

Find a complete line of superior quality replacement and custom filter bags designed to fit most manufacturers’ dust collector bag housings. All filter bags are carefully fabricated and sized to ensure easy installation and changeouts. Fab-Tex offers many different bag media options with coatings and finishes to choose from.

Pleated Filters

Enjoy higher flow rates, longer life, and reduced maintenance costs with pleated filters. Fab-Tex can provide direct replacements for your existing configuration. And if you’re ready to convert your current bag filters to a PFE system, count on our technical expertise to make the transition a smooth one.

Advanced Tandem Pleat Technology

Upgrade to our innovative new tandem pleat technology. Adding Tandem Pleat technology eliminates dead spots seen on a traditional filter where airflow is restricted because of outside air pressure forcing the pleat to collapse upon itself.

Blower/Air Intake Filters

Fab-Tex Filtration’s line of replacement Air Filter Elements for most OEM equipment is expanding all the time! Our air intake filters are carefully engineered to meet and exceed all OEM specifications.

Filter Cages and Accessories

Properly fitting cages are a must for optimum filter bag performance, long life, and stability under high pressure situations. Fab-Tex designs our products with some of the harshest conditions in mind, and we’re sure to have the right items for your operation.

For high-quality standard and custom fit filters at competitive prices, check out the Fab-Tex catalogue!

Custom Air Filters for Air Pollution Control

Trust Fab-Tex to find the right solution for your specific needs.

We’ve been manufacturing quality air filtration products since 1995. From choosing suitable materials for every component, ensuring the right fit and seal, to testing efficiency rating (MERV – Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) on our media, we provide quality checks every step of the way to ensure that if you use a Fab-Tex Filter, you’re using only the best!

Don’t take chances with your indoor air quality – trust Fab-Tex for expert filtration solutions.

Explore Fab-Tex Air Filter Solutions

Fab-Tex offers reliable air filter solutions to operations across a wide range of industries. Our high-quality air filters are ideal for commercial and industrial facilities, such as:

Industrial Air Filter Manufacturers

Fab-Tex Filtration has built an impressive reputation as a significant industry leader in filtration manufacturing in North America since 1995. We’ve been expertly building and supplying the best air filters on the market to various professional entities – from small businesses to large enterprises.

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Extend the filtration of capabilities of your dust containment and air pollution control equipment with Fab-Tex. Contact us about our custom manufacturing services and innovative new media.