Check your filter bags often!

Your filters play a critical role in protecting the blower from damaging, foreign materials. Taking the time to check your filter bags for holes will pay off in several ways. When your filters do have holes, the baghouse allows material to reach the blower, essentially sandblasting and eroding the lobes. Once that starts to happen, your truck has to work harder and burns more fuel to maintain a vacuum. Ensuring that the bags are clean and the seals are tight will go a long way in minimizing costly downtime. When you’re in between jobs, simply run the pulsation system to keep them clean.

Interested in achieving significant savings?

Keeping an extra set of filter bags on hand for each of your trucks could actually save you thousands of dollars a year. Filters keep small particles from reaching the blower and eroding the lobes. Without clean, effective filters your truck will have to compensate by running harder and chugging fuel to maintain the same vacuum. It’s a fact that filter bags clog over time. By having an extra set on hand, you’ll be able to keep working and stay on schedule.

A competitive advantage

By planning ahead and stocking up on filters, you’ll avoid costly shutdowns, a mad scramble for replacement filters and exorbitant shipping fees.

Let Fab-Tex Filtration help with your vacuum truck filter needs.

Explore our full range of quality filter elements for the vacuum trucking industry. Fab-Tex is a leading North American manufacturer of air filtration products for industrial applications. Feel free to contact us regarding your filter configuration and sizing needs.

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